Design Process

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Site Documentation & The Design Process

Survey/Plot Plan, Elevation Certificate, Soils & Engineering

The following documents are required to begin the design process and obtain permits.

To analyze your site for construction, a recently updated survey or plot plan and/or topographical survey will be required to assess zoning restrictions and storm water management.

If the property is in a flood plain an elevation certificate shall be required to determine the height of living space according to the FEMA flood zone designation.

A soil boring and an engineers certified foundation design are required to obtain building permits.

A proposed drainage plan will also be required based on the local government requirements for storm water management.

All of the above documents fall outside the purview of the architect and are handled by consultants, surveyors and engineers.

The Design Process

The following summary list outlines the basic phases of the process for architectural design.

Schematic Design

The program, layout, size of the spaces, views, context, solar and energy requirements are determined by the needs of the client. Also at this time, any extraordinary permitting issues are identified; CAFRA permits, zoning variance, special land use permits or subdivisions. These take longer than a normal building permit and impact scheduling.

Design Development

The schematic design is developed in detail and interior spaces are designed with finishes, fixtures, furniture and lighting.

Construction Documents

The final design is made into a document for pricing, construction and permits.

Bidding & Negotiation

The project documents are released for pricing and/or bidding and contracts awarded for the work. Moving forward, a proposed survey from a licensed civil engineer or surveyor needs to be completed based on the new design as well as soil and foundation engineering to complete the permit package along with the architectural construction documents.


The permit application is submitted to the appropriate governing agencies. Review comments from building officials are addressed and a permit fee is issued. This usually takes 3-4 weeks.


The project becomes real.

Special Services

Consulting, furniture design, landscaping, communicating with decorators/consultants.