The Self

I have always been a person of visual and three dimensional expression. I was drawn to architecture at a very early age and eventually pursued it as a career. After graduating The Rhode Island School of Design with a bachelor of Architecture & Bachelor of Fine Arts and completing my internship with award winning residential architects and civil-structural engineers focused on waterfront development, I established my own practice on Long Beach Island, New Jersey.

Architectural Design

I provide a ‘hands on’ approach to projects at a more intimate level focusing on attention to detail and the ability to maintain the integrity of a design from concept to construction. Successful working relationships with external consultants and contractors is part of the process to maintain a smooth transition from design to built form.

Furniture & Sculpture

At an early stage I began making anthropomorphic sculptures and this was the bulk of my portfolio that got me accepted to The Rhode Island School of Design. During my education I expanded on this in woodworking and metal working classes to create pieces of furniture that are trans-formative towards sculpture while being mostly practical objects.


With the dawn of the digital camera I began to experiment in all forms of photography from long exposure to time lapse videos. This has become an artistic passion for me and something that I reserve for myself without any input. I do not do requests. All photos are available for sale and can be framed, matted and drop shipped to your door by my print service. Please browse the photography gallery or view the entire collection by subject in my flickr albums.

There are galleries dedicated to Long Beach Island, Barnegat Lighthouse, Great Bay, The Pinelands, New York City and more.

Time Lapse Photography